From the encounter between the world of running and urban chic design comes Magic, the Valsport trainer that is the expression of a relaxed style based on maximum comfort without excluding aesthetics, where colour is the protagonist. The ultra-light micro hand pre-moulded sole is the distinctive feature of this trainer and reminds us to the volumes of the 90s, perfectly balanced by the sinuous lines of the upper made of leather, suede and nylon. Magic, destined to become the new Valsport icon

Magic Run

Run, the colourfull trainer in suede and nylon, is the result of a combination of traditional Italian craftsmanship, avant-garde materials such as the micro used for the sole and a dynamic use of colour that goes from vitamin shades to more neutral tones. Lightness and energy for a perfect athleisure style!

Magic Heritage

An iconic trainer that skilfully mixes classic colours, volumes and materials, Heritage embodies the Valsport tradition, knowledge and attention to details, giving value to the smallest details… Heritage is the patient craftsman that makes each Valsport unique and makes this trainer a must-have. A hundred years of experience at your feet.


The ready to wear sneaker dresses with an EVA sole premilled by hand with superlight material and is ready to take you for a walk out of town with its unique style.

Italian quality, always!

The artisan quality of the Italian tradition; contemporary design and technology of materials, handmade as in the past.

Italian quality, always!