Historical model in the Valsport collection, one of the first products in the hundred-year history of the brand. It was born as a shoe “to play tennis” and its name brings to mind tournaments and players from all over the world who compete with passion… The same passion that has accompanied the evolution of Tournament over the years, making it what it is today: an iconic model in the collection, the vintage trainer that celebrates the fabulous 70s. Taste, design and top quality Italian materials make Tournament the must-have shoe!

Tournament Classic

Tournament Classic: the Valsport icon for excellence, a mix of style and comfort for casual wear or more formal looks. It plays on the contrast between the white leather upper and the coloured boomerang. The aged rubber cupsole sole gives the Classic an unmistakable 70s allure.

Tournament Mix

The white leather upper abandons the minimal style and plays with the contrast between the colour of the boomerang and that of the backtab, creating an eclectic and versatile look. When one colour is not enough, Tournament Mix is the answer!

Tournament Logo Forato

The boomerang, Valsport’s unmistakable logo, changes face and, for this model with a strong visual impact, blends with the white leather upper. The colour booster is given by the Tournament-style backtop

Tournament Back

Back presents all the features of the iconic Tournament, but with an original and unexpected detail: the boomerang moves to the back and, in one with the backtab, gives a burst of energy and colour to the trainer.

Tournament Crema

Tournament Crema, a low top trainer in which the nuances of the aged sole and cream upper mix with the warm colours of the boomerang.

Tournament Love

The iconic Valsport trainer in a bon-ton version: the Tournament Love opts for a feminine, vintage logo and comes in a tone-on-tone or a strong-contrast colours palette. It’s impossible not to love it.

Italian quality, always!

The artisan quality of the Italian tradition; contemporary design and technology of materials, handmade as in the past.

Italian quality, always!